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Japan halts whale hunt after Sea Shepherd clashes

Sea Shepherd is claiming victory after Japan temporarily suspended its annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean.

On Wednesday the anti-whaling group claimed two of its boats, the Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker, were rammed by a Japanese ship in Australian Antarctic waters.

It said the attacks happened after they were ordered to leave the area by one of the boats in the Japanese whaling fleet.

It also claimed armed Japanese coastguards threw “concussion grenades” at activists on the ships.

Japan’s fisheries agency has denied those reports, but confirmed that one of its factory ships, the Nisshin Maru, rammed two boats belonging to Sea Shepherd.

However, it said the clashes happened after activists came too close to a Japanese vessel which was refuelling.

Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research has announced it has stopped work for the time being because it is too difficult to refuel.

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